Sunday - October 20, 2019

Articles Written By Siraj Rahimi


Marcus Bailey

March 16th, 2018

The Desoto Market is a frequent spot for myself as well as many other locals in Downtown Phoenix. The market offers a good variety of eateries to satisfy any craving. Meet, Marcus Bailey a line cook from Michigan that has found his way into the valley of the sun. Marcus works at ’The Provisionary’ which is an eatery located inside of Desoto market. The provisionary is one of those places that sort of finds you, it doesn’t have a large bright logo or visuals to grab attention, but it attracts subconsciously. It offers a homey atmosphere and provides a mixture of soul and southwestern food.... Read More

The Dressing Room

November 1st, 2017

The dressing room is a literal hole in the wall and as the name implies, it used to be an actual dressing room. Situated in an art gallery called Monorchid, it shares the space with a coffee shop and florist. Dressing Room is a small cozy and very inviting restaurant catering a menu, heavily influenced by street food and food stands. Supporting local artists by featuring their unique art work on the walls is a welcomed change to generic works sold at Walmart that are plastered on chain restaurants. They feature a very compelling happy hour, in the time that I spent sipping one of their seasonal... Read More