Some things were just meant to go together. Peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn, etc. And one of my personal favorites is videogames and alcohol. Enter the Cobra Arcade Bar on 2nd street in the always active Downtown Phoenix area.

As you may have guessed, the establishment caters to gamers of all ages (so long as they are over 21) and sport many cabinet games that are sure to sound familiar to most such as Galaga, Dig Dug and the ever frustrating Battletoads. But they make sure to stock the place with some fresher titles as well such as the new Tekken and Mortal Kombat sequals. All in all, the arcade has around forty games and often acquires new cabinets to keep things fresh.

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But of course, what good is a bar without booze? Their list of signature cocktails is not very long, but they are delicious and sport such names as a RyuKen and an Invader. But my very favorite is a lip puckering sweet drink called a Princess Peach (don’t make fun of me) made from prickly pear vodka, stone fruit and orange bitters, giving it a pink look and a very tart flavor. With most of the cocktails only being around eight bucks, you will have plenty of money to turn into tokens to continue to play. They do of course stock the standard liquors and beers, having 14 on tap to choose from if you prefer to keep your drinks a bit more simple.



The downside of this place? It is hardly a hole in the wall and it is usually one of the more packed bars in the Downtown area. This means you can expect a bit of a line to get in on weekends, but good things come to those who wait, so come check it out! I’ll be the guy sipping bright pink vodka from the daintiest martini glass they could find.

Daniel Rubin has lived in the Phoenix, Metropolitan area for over decade. Graduating from Arizona State University, he quickly realized he had a passion for writing. A strong lover of the city he grew up in, Daniel focused the subject of his writing on the Downtown Phoenix area. He can often be found walking up and down the streets of Roosevelt Row, enjoying the scenery that has influenced his writing style, or in one of the various bars downtown to partake in a rum and coke. He seeks to further promote his writing talent as well as give back to the city that has had such a profound impact on his life.