The dressing room is a literal hole in the wall and as the name implies, it used to be an actual dressing room. Situated in an art gallery called Monorchid, it shares the space with a coffee shop and florist. Dressing Room is a small cozy and very inviting restaurant catering a menu, heavily influenced by street food and food stands. Supporting local artists by featuring their unique art work on the walls is a welcomed change to generic works sold at Walmart that are plastered on chain restaurants. They feature a very compelling happy hour, in the time that I spent sipping one of their seasonal crafts, about 2 dozen people flocked into the space.

To get some more information about the joint, I spoke to their very energetic manager, Jacob. Focusing on quality control and hospitality, the aroma of the restaurant was a familiar one, the type of feeling you get from seeing an old friend. What the establishment truly prides itself in is that it used to be the dressing room to a drag show. It is a place of historic importance not only to the LGBTQ+ community who frequented the spot, but to all of Phoenix.

Siraj was born in Afghanistan and raised in Arizona. Speaking multiple languages and coming from a different background, he has been able to see his surroundings in a different perspective. He is currently a student at ASU's Herberger Institute for design and the Arts. Growing up he had always been drawn to art and found his passion for photography in college. He spends most of his time walking the streets of downtown to find local hangout spots, take pictures of the architecture as well as the people. Siraj is an outgoing person that loves to start a conversation with anyone willing to open up. His goal is to inspire others to explore, challenge themselves, and achieve what they thought was impossible.