Chances are you have come across and watched a rerun before, as have we all. As you know, I am not particularly fond of reruns, but this only applies to new programs. One thing I have noticed is that many networks are getting into airing rebroadcasts. These reruns are usually of shows that have aired within the past ten to fifty years, ranging in all television genres.

Though there are many TV rebroadcasts, not all are worth watching. I find that many just do not stand out. However, I know of one rerun that is worth your time. This is the supernatural drama Ghost Whisperer.

This program was developed by producer/director John Gray (works include Gone, Reckless, and The Family), and is loosely based on the life of medium/author Mary Ann Winkowski. This show originally aired on CBS from September 23, 2005, to May 21, 2010, with a total of five seasons, each consisting of more than eighteen episodes. Currently, you can catch Ghost Whisperer rebroadcasts on networks GetTV and ION Television, as well as on streaming services Netflix and Hulu.

Ghost Whisperer follows antique store owner Melinda Gordon (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, 9-1-1), who has the unique ability to see and communicate with Earthbound spirits, she helps these spirits deal with their unfinished business so they can crossover into the light. The show also follows Melinda’s husband Jim Clancy (played by David Conrad, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), her friends Andrea Marino (played by Aisha Tyler, The Talk), Delia Banks (played by Camryn Manheim, Person of Interest), Professor Rick Payne (played by Jay Mohr, Suburgatory), Professor Eli James (played by Jamie Kennedy, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell), Ned Banks (played by Christoph Sanders, Last Man Standing), and her son Aiden Lucas (played by Connor Gibbs, A Crush on You).

Based on the show’s premise, you might guess that this show contains religious themes. The truth is that the show is less religious, and more spiritually/supernaturally based. Though the concept of an afterlife is talked about within the show, no one religion is ever mentioned or addressed. Ghost Whisperer discusses the deeper messages of moving on, grief, dealing with unfinished issues, and love.

This show’s writing was superb. The writers created characters with depth and humanity. You have Melinda Gordon who had a difficult childhood, as well as having a gift that wasn’t always the easiest to bear. She learns that her gift allows her to not only help others but also heal broken people and families.

You also have Delia Banks, who is strong-willed, caring, and a skeptic. Because of her friendship with Melinda, she learns to be a more open and accepting individual. Jim Clancy, Melinda’s husband, is strong, loving, patient, and accepting. He helps Melinda to stay grounded and sane.

Then there is Professor Eli James and Ned Banks. Eli is quirky, intelligent, and guarded. His friendship with Melinda not only teaches him to master his newly acquired ability to hear spirits but to also open up to others. Ned Banks is open, caring, and trusting, and his time around Melinda has taught him to be a better friend and person. As you can see, the show’s writers made the characters well-developed and lovable.

Ghost Whisperer did use computer-generated imagery (CGI). It should be noted that within the past decade’s technological advancements, especially in CGI, the special effects may not be considered as great and seamless as they once were. The CGI is only ever used in depicting Melinda’s visions or in showing a ghost’s many ghostly abilities. Even with almost decade-old CGI effects, I still find it to be wonderfully well done.

Though rebroadcasts are just about everywhere, I still find this supernatural drama rerun to stand apart from all others. This show has well-written characters, well-done CGI for its time, and great deeper messages. I never get tired of re-watching this wonderful series. I encourage you to give Ghost Whisperer a watch, as I am sure you will find yourself loving it as much as I do.