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Marcus Bailey

March 16th, 2018

The Desoto Market is a frequent spot for myself as well as many other locals in Downtown Phoenix. The market offers a good variety of eateries to satisfy any craving. Meet, Marcus Bailey a line cook from Michigan that has found his way into the valley of the sun. Marcus works at ’The Provisionary’ which is an eatery located inside of Desoto market. The provisionary is one of those places that sort of finds you, it doesn’t have a large bright logo or visuals to grab attention, but it attracts subconsciously. It offers a homey atmosphere and provides a mixture of soul and southwestern food.... Read More

Alex Garner

October 31st, 2017

Meet Alex Garner, he is 26 years old and is the proud owner of the food truck called Naturally Sweet. Alex was born and raised in Phoenix but, lived in San Diego for several years. Living in San Diego inspired him to open up an all-natural smoothie food truck. He started his food truck business when he was 23 years old. Alex and his roommate spent hours going to the food trucks at the Phoenix public market in which they met many of the owners that gave him advice about the food truck business. He quickly learned that most of the owners did not have experience in the food industry, but instead were... Read More

Kaylee Lane

October 23rd, 2017

Kaylee Lane is an Arizona native that grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix. She graduated high school in 2008 and soon after started cosmetology school. She had always loved styling her sisters and friends hair as well as doing their makeup, but as soon as she graduated cosmetology school she realized it wasn’t her passion. Kaylee decided to take a year off to figure out what she wanted to do as a career. During that time, she was working at Anthropologie as a senior associate while doing their visual display internship. She learned all about floor sets, merchandising, product, dressing forms, and... Read More