Meet Alex Garner, he is 26 years old and is the proud owner of the food truck called Naturally Sweet. Alex was born and raised in Phoenix but, lived in San Diego for several years. Living in San Diego inspired him to open up an all-natural smoothie food truck. He started his food truck business when he was 23 years old. Alex and his roommate spent hours going to the food trucks at the Phoenix public market in which they met many of the owners that gave him advice about the food truck business. He quickly learned that most of the owners did not have experience in the food industry, but instead were cooking something they were passionate about. He wanted to make a smart business move so it was important for him choose something that he could do on his own and with his own finances. However, the most important part of his business was to provide something clean, organic with natural ingredients that benefit people’s bodies and

that’s how the idea of smoothies emerged. His long-term goal is to take his food truck business to California and expand his locations. He would like to have a kiosk at a mall with foot traffic and open up another food truck as well. Now you can find him in two different industrial parks during the week and at the Phoenix public market on Saturday mornings. Alex loves Phoenix because of everything it has to offer such as restaurants, bars, hiking, and the people. His favorite pass time is going downtown Phoenix with his friends and enjoying the “vibe” of the town.


Ailed Raia is from a small border town in Arizona named, Rio Rico. She moved to Phoenix in 2007 right after she graduated from high school and started her education at Mesa Community College. She then transferred to Arizona State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in 2013. In 2017, she came upon an opportunity to take pictures of an Instagram blogger and became passionate about capturing a moment. Ailed started her photography education at The Art Institute – online division where she works as an admissions representative. She is looking forward to have a full time career as a photographer and Instagram blogger.