Kaylee Lane is an Arizona native that grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix. She graduated high school in 2008 and soon after started cosmetology school. She had always loved styling her sisters and friends hair as well as doing their makeup, but as soon as she graduated cosmetology school she realized it wasn’t her passion. Kaylee decided to take a year off to figure out what she wanted to do as a career. During that time, she was working at Anthropologie as a senior associate while doing their visual display internship. She learned all about floor sets, merchandising, product, dressing forms, and window displays. Completing the internship helped her look towards a new career as a merchandise manager. She began her degree at Mesa community college and simultaniously started a new job as a merchandiser at Forever 21. The experience she was gaining working at Forever 21 outweigh what she was learning in school therefore, she decided to drop out of college. She worked at Forever 21 for two years and there is where she met her husband Will. Her next career move was to go back to the URBN Inc. as a merchandiser and as soon as the positioned opened at urban outfitters she applied and received a position as a visual merchandiser. “This was my dream job” Kaylee said, and after working there for two years she took over their local @uoarizona Instagram. This is when she realized her capability for creating social media content. People started showing interest on her clothes and that is what pushed her to start posting pictures of her outfits on her personal Instagram (@kayleerenda). Small companies began noticing her personal style on her Instagram and offered her to collaborate with them. The big breakthrough was when a 1.6 million follower company called Sabo skirt approached her to be one of their brand ambassadors. This Australian company sends her a couple pieces of clothing per week in return for styled photos for them to post to their social media channels. Kaylee has been asked to start her own blog, but for right now it would be difficult to post consistently with a full-time job. She has many dreams and one of them is to make this a full-time career, but for right now she is what people call a fashion influencer. Her other dream is to have a clothing boutique online and one day have a location for a small boutique in Phoenix. She loves supporting local businesses in Phoenix and would love to be a part of that community. She couldn’t imagine herself not living close to her family and going to all the different restaurants and local events Phoenix has to offer.

Ailed Raia is from a small border town in Arizona named, Rio Rico. She moved to Phoenix in 2007 right after she graduated from high school and started her education at Mesa Community College. She then transferred to Arizona State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in 2013. In 2017, she came upon an opportunity to take pictures of an Instagram blogger and became passionate about capturing a moment. Ailed started her photography education at The Art Institute – online division where she works as an admissions representative. She is looking forward to have a full time career as a photographer and Instagram blogger.