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Bobby Q’s BBQ

People love to talk about how good the BBQ is wherever they are from, but it seems like the three front-runners for the best BBQ in America are Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, so when I see that a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona is advertising itself as one of the best BBQ joints in the nation? Needless to say, I called bullshit. And now you kind folks get to watch me eat my words.

When it comes to my BBQ, I am a rib man, so let’s talk ribs. I ordered a half rack there (baby back style of course). After taking only a single bite, I knew that this place was the real deal. The way the meat was practically falling off the bone and the sensation of the ribs melting in my mouth made me realize I wasn’t dealing with some half-ass preparation.

Q-Rolls, full of beautiful brisket

Another favorite of the customers, according to the restaurant, are their Q-Rolls which are biscuits filled with their delicious smoke primed brisket and served with chipotle sauce. Oh and let’s talk about their brisket. Like everything else at this establishment, it is expertly prepared, resulting in a dish that is completely unique to the place. With each bite, you can taste their specialty dry rub that packs an explosion of flavor in every cut of brisket they serve.

Bob Sikora, the owner of the place, spent ten long years researching the barbecuing techniques of the masters before finally developing the cooking style that has brought so much success to his restaurant. The secret to his food? Or should I say secrets?

He uses over almond and mesquite woods to roast his meats as well as dry rubbing them with his own secret blend of spices that gives them a special sort of kick. Finally, he cooks the food for a long time. Like a really long time, using a special slow roasting method. In fact, to create the restaurant’s popular beef brisket takes a total of 16 hours from start to finish.

After mulling it over for a bit in my head, I see no reason to disagree with what the restaurant claims to be, so I will go on record here. Bobby-Q is the best barbeque restaurant you will find in Arizona. Period.

Daniel Rubin has lived in the Phoenix, Metropolitan area for over decade. Graduating from Arizona State University, he quickly realized he had a passion for writing. A strong lover of the city he grew up in, Daniel focused the subject of his writing on the Downtown Phoenix area. He can often be found walking up and down the streets of Roosevelt Row, enjoying the scenery that has influenced his writing style, or in one of the various bars downtown to partake in a rum and coke. He seeks to further promote his writing talent as well as give back to the city that has had such a profound impact on his life.