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This Superhero Drama Is Here To Save Your Wednes-Day!

Krypton Season One Promo. Digital Image. Krypton: Season One Ratings. April 5, 2018.

If your childhood was anything like mine, chances are you loved all things superhero and superhero related. Now that I’m an adult, that still hasn’t changed. You could chalk it up to being a geek, but superheroes just fascinate me. This is why I enjoy watching superhero shows.

However, I do notice that many superhero shows focus primarily on a superhero’s present. When these shows do give a backstory, they usually only go as far back as the origin story. But, what if you wanted a show that delved further into superheroes’ history than their origin story? You might assume that such a show doesn’t exist, but you’d be wrong. Luckily for you, I stumbled upon a superhero drama that centers around this very concept. This show is Syfy’s Krypton.

This show was developed by screenwriter David S. Goyer and is based on the DC Comics’ characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Syfy’s Krypton premiered March 21 and has been picked up for a ten-episode first season. This show follows Seyg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe, Florence Foster Jenkins), the grandfather of Superman and Supergirl, as he learns from time-traveling human Adam Strange (played by Shaun Sipos, Dark Matter) that Krypton is in danger from an otherworldly being known as Brainiac (played by Blake Ritson, Da Vinci’s Demons), while also trying to restore the legacy and honor of his family, the House of El. Additionally, as the title suggests, this show entirely takes place on the planet Krypton.

Now, some of you might be under the notion that because Seyg-El is Superman and Supergirl’s grandfather that he is depicted within the show as being an old man. When, in fact, this show is set two hundred years before Superman and Supergirl’s time, when Seyg-El is in his early twenties. You might be currently questioning the two hundred year timescale, which is understandable, as the show subtly glosses over it. But, in case you weren’t already aware, Kryptonians have much longer lifespans than that of humans.

I absolutely appreciate that this show provides a deeper look at Superman and Supergirl’s home planet Krypton. This is something that most other TV shows or movies about these eponymous superheroes never fully explore. Each episode is riddled with new tidbits of information about the function and inner workings of Krypton. When I watch this show I almost feel, as I’m sure you will too, like I’m an archeologist uncovering this fictional civilization’s culture and society.

Considering only three episodes have aired thus far of Syfy’s Krypton’s first season, it is still too early to determine the quality of the character development. But, from what I’ve seen, the show’s characters are well on their way toward being complex and three dimensional. I find myself becoming more invested in them as I continue watching the show. It’s clear that the show’s writers are quite effective at portraying real life, Kryptonian or not.

Special effects are used heavily in this show, which you would expect to see from a technologically advanced alien race. Unlike other superhero shows, the special effects within this show are seamless. It’s almost hard to tell where the special effects begin and the real-life sets end. Though Syfy’s Krypton uses these special effects, it doesn’t go overboard on them. I think you’ll find that this show has the exact right balance of special effects going for it.

Are superhero dramas your thing, like they are mine? Then this is a show that you’re going to want to find time to watch. I know that by doing so, you’ll become just as emotionally invested in its characters and its storylines as I am. Love delving deeper into a superhero’s history? Well, this show gives a deeper look into Krypton’s civilization, other than it solely being known as Superman and Supergirl’s homeworld. Do you enjoy special effects? This show has definitely got them. I think that you’ll find like I have, that Syfy’s Krypton is a superhero drama that is worth tuning in for every Wednesday night.

*Syfy’s Krypton is currently airing its first season at the time of this article’s publication.