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This Electrifying New Superhero Drama Is A Must Watch

April 25th, 2018

I have noticed that some superhero dramas these days tend to lack a diverse group of actors, as well as characters. The clear lack of representation of other groups of people within these shows is disappointing, especially when you consider that comics have great representation. But when diversity is shown on TV, the characters are either stereotyped, used as mechanisms to further a plot, or are featured as sidekicks and not the leads. However, this past year has shown strides in trying to fix this within movies and in television. So what if there was a superhero drama that had a diverse cast,... Read More

This Superhero Drama Is Here To Save Your Wednes-Day!

April 11th, 2018

If your childhood was anything like mine, chances are you loved all things superhero and superhero related. Now that I’m an adult, that still hasn’t changed. You could chalk it up to being a geek, but superheroes just fascinate me. This is why I enjoy watching superhero shows. However, I do notice that many superhero shows focus primarily on a superhero’s present. When these shows do give a backstory, they usually only go as far back as the origin story. But, what if you wanted a show that delved further into superheroes’ history than their origin story? You might assume that such a show... Read More