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Haus Murphy’s

March 6th, 2018

Guten tag! Aaaand that’s about all the German I know. Why is this relevant? Because I am reviewing Haus Murphy’s this week, located in historic Old Town Glendale. The first thing you should know is Haus Murphy’s serves primarily German food, and I am sure that what comes to mind when I say that is sausage. Yes. They do serve a lot of sausages, but it is more than that! Before coming here, I didn’t know there were so many ways to prepare sausages, so I am only going to go over a few of the sort of ways they serve them at Haus Murphy’s. I am going to start with my favorite, The Big Smokey... Read More

The Film Bar

February 19th, 2018

  Ah yes, I am supposed to be reviewing the Film Bar this week! The Film Bar is this nice and chill little place on North 2nd St between Garfield and McKinley in Downtown Phoenix. It’s primarily a wine bar with a super relaxing atmosphere making it a great place to go if you aren’t much into the usual noise and chaos of your typical bar. I am one of those people that prefers watching movies in theatres than just streaming them on Netflix. There is something almost therapeutic about going to see a movie the old-fashioned way. Or maybe that’s just the wine talking? However, as the name... Read More