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Articles Written By Daniel Rubin


Uncle Sal’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

May 16th, 2018

In 1995, mafia underboss Sammy “the Bull” Gravano, after testifying against his former boss John Gotti and being marked as a dead man by the Gambino crime family, did what any sane man would do in his situation. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona and opened up an Italian restaurant. This brings me to Uncle Sal’s Italian Restaurant and Bar. Located in Scottsdale, Uncle Sal’s has a large and varied menu with all the staples of Italian cuisine. Let us get right into it then. I do not normally talk about the bread that restaurants serve you before the meal, but I feel like I would be doing the... Read More

Pomo Pizza

May 8th, 2018

You show me someone that does not like pizza and I will show you a damn dirty liar, because EVERYONE likes pizza. Therefore you are only a stone’s throw away from a pizzeria at any given time in this country, but with so many options, it is easy for the good stuff to get overlooked. That’s why I do my very best to tell the people I meet about Pomo Pizza. Priding itself on authentic Neapolitan pizza, the restaurant makes sure to go the extra mile in almost everything that they do. In fact, some of what they go through to provide you with the best pizza they can serve is almost unbelievable.... Read More

Ocean Trail

May 1st, 2018

One of the best parts of this country is the wide variety of cuisine one may try in their lifetime thanks to the multi-cultural nature of this nation. One of the most interesting styles of cooking, if I may so bold to say,  is that of Cajun food. This brings me to Ocean Trail, located in the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. After winning big at the blackjack tables (a rare occurrence I assure you), I decided to treat myself at this small restaurant just off to the side of the slot machines. The menu is small, but the dishes have a lot to offer. I started with an order of beer-steamed clams,... Read More

Valle Luna Mexican Food

April 24th, 2018

This next one is for out of towners only, because if you are a local, chances are, you’ve been here. Valle Luna (Moon Valley in Spanish) is one of Phoenix’s most popular and well known Mexican restaurants and is recognized year after year for their outstanding Mexican cuisine. Founded by Tia Rita, who opened the first location on Bell Road in 1983, Valle Luna is a family owned and operated restaurant that pays homage to the Sonoran food traditions and cultures that have shaped Arizona over the years. On the menu, you will find your staple Mexican dishes but served up to a quality that very... Read More

Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant

April 17th, 2018

This restaurant has a special place in my heart. Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant has a few locations scattered about Phoenix, and some of my fondest meals with my family have taken place there. They are a fine Italian restaurant with a large menu, generous portions and quality food that has made it one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the valley. Let’s get right to the food. My personal favorite is their Pescatore. If you are a fan of seafood, this will be your go-to. Jump shrimp, clams, mussels and calamari, all served on top of their linguini with red sauce. The sauce soaks... Read More

Original Gravity

April 10th, 2018

My mother dearest decided to take me out to dinner last week, stating that she had discovered a place I simply HAD to try. This brings me to Original Gravity near 12th St and E Highland Ave. It is one hell of a hidden gem that I am glad to have found. After speaking to our friendly bartender, I learned that the place has been open for a little over a year. Sliding a drink menu in front of me, she walked me through their pretty sizeable drink menu, which was impressive for such a small restaurant. Telling her I was a fan of sweeter wine, she snapped her fingers and fetched me a glass of something... Read More

The Short Leash

April 3rd, 2018

Phoenix is known for many things, but unfortunately, hot dogs are not one of them. I had to do quite a bit of hunting to find a hot dog place that was worthy of telling my friends about, but I think I have finally found a winner in The Short Leash, located on 1st street and Roosevelt. Do not come here expecting a simple hot dog with mustard. The people here really like to get creative with their dogs. The first thing you will probably notice about a hotdog you will be served here is that they do not use hot dog buns, but freshly baked naan bread that not only adds to the flavor of each bite but... Read More

Yaki Ramen

March 27th, 2018

My doctor says that I have to skip my Burger quest this week or my heart will give out. Stay tuned for part 3 coming in a few weeks! Ever have ramen before? The proper stuff I mean, not the kind you get for 20 cents a cup at Wal-Mart. A surprisingly high amount of work and ingredients go into making it, and no two places serve it the same way, but that is just another reason why I love eating it! This brings me to Yaki Ramen. Not to be confused with Yucky Ramen (which is a completely different restaurant that I would not recommend going to), Yaki Ramen on 43rd Avenue is a restaurant with a simple... Read More

The Best Burger in Phoenix: (Part 2)

March 20th, 2018

Driving along the I-17 one afternoon, I was suddenly struck with a craving. A hunger that came without warning, that DEMANDED to be heard! With a shaky hand, I called up my best friend Ian who was quick to recognize what I so desperately needed. “Burger time?” He asked. “Burger time,” I responded. Burgerquest! Week two! With my bro in tow, I suggested we try the plainly named Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers, a sports bar that has a few locations scattered about Phoenix, (we went to the Deer Valley location). Sitting down, I took a quick look at their menu and ordered the All American, which... Read More

The Best Burger in Phoenix: (Part 1) Zinburger

March 13th, 2018

People of Phoenix; I am hungry. Not just regular hungry. I am good old-fashioned red, white, and blue, full-blooded AMERICAN hungry! And when one gets this hungry, I dare say there is only one thing that will do. I want a burger. But not any old gas-station burger will do, oh no! Only the best will make its way onto my plate, for I am on a quest. A quest to find the best burger in Phoenix. Before I get on with it, I want to lay down the rules I have made for this little experiment. First, I will be ordering the same thing no matter which burger joint I go to, namely, their signature burger (cooked... Read More