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Articles Written By CraigMaddux


Dubina Brewing

May 28th, 2018

Dubina Brewing Company is a brewery in a strip plaza. Dubina Brewing Co. is a large room that has an open area with table scattered topped off by a horseshoe bar in the back. TV’s hang behind the bar to entertain the customers and the large fermenters are visible, being cleaned by the brewers. The kegs are stacked in front of the fermenters displayed as you walk in. I ordered a flight of five beers to get a taste of the type of beers that Dubina Brewing has to offer. I wanted to start with something strong, so I chose their flagship beer, the Bell Road IPA, then the Blood Orange IPA, the Grandpa... Read More

Wren House Brewery

May 20th, 2018

Wren House Brewing Company is a former house converted into a brewery, there is a taproom where the living room used to be. As I walk in, I was greeted by, a golden retriever, a friendly dog who wanders around saying hi to all the patrons, being that Wren House Brewing Company is pet-friendly. The beer list hangs from a chalkboard behind the bar.  There is a bar top with tables scattered around. The voices rang throughout the room, as the conversations were loud and plentiful. No TV’s or food served to distract you from the beer.  Food can be brought in from elsewhere to pair with the beer... Read More

The Shop Beer Co.

May 13th, 2018

As recommended by a gentleman I met at another brewery I decided to make a stop at The Shop Beer Co. This place looks like a small house covered in shrubbery from the street. It is lodged between apartments and another business so as most of these small breweries it is easy to miss. Upon entering the brewery, you can see two large digital screens hang behind the bar with the list of the current beers they have on tap. As I take a seat at the bar a sign is propped up for display reading “Best of Phoenix Best New Brewery 2017” which gives a promising outlook on the beer and this establishment... Read More

The Litchfield Taproom by Peoria Artisan Brewery

May 6th, 2018

The Litchfield Taproom is a small building that looks like an old coffee shop. It is the first location for Peoria Artisan Brewery where small batches are brewed, as they also have a second location, which is a gastropub in Peoria. Inside it the Litchfield Taproom it is tiny. The room consists of a bar top with five barstools, four tables and a high-top table. There is a small patio out front to sit outside which provides more room.  A chalkboard hangs behind the bar with the list of the eight beers that are brewed here. I started with a flight that consisted of half the beers on the list and... Read More

Arizona Wilderness

April 29th, 2018

I chose to go to Arizona Wilderness this week because Arizona Wilderness rolled out their O-Line Triple IPA for the weekend. The O-Line Triple IPA was created in honor of Pat Tillman the former Arizona State and Arizona Cardinal football player. The beer has been made with 42 hops as Pat Tillman’s number was 42 in college while playing at Arizona State. The triple IPA was brewed with the help of the Arizona Cardinals lineman. All the proceeds from purchasing the beer went to the Pat Tillman Foundation. Typically a beer may have a maximum of five hops but this had 42 hops, which is incredible... Read More

Two Brothers Taphouse and Brewery

April 22nd, 2018

Two Brothers Taphouse and Brewery in Scottsdale is the second location for Two Brothers, referred to as the 4321 location, with the original in Warrenville, IL. Two Brothers is a large brick building with a patio and an outside bar. As you enter the building it is similar to a sports bar with televisions hanging, customers at the horseshoe bar top and at the tables eating and drinking, with music playing overhead. There are stairs to go up to a second-floor balcony where there was a painting event going on. I sat at the bar ready to enjoy the most popular beer that they serve, the Wobble IPA. Wobble... Read More

State 48 Brewery

April 15th, 2018

State 48 Brewery is a brewery themed after, as the name says, the great state of Arizona. This theme runs deep in this brewery. The taps are in the shape of the state of Arizona, touted with the state flag on one side and the number forty-eight on the other. Each beer is named after something in Arizonan history. I sat at the bar top that flows from both inside to out onto the patio. A lifted garage door separates the bar top to merge the inside where people eat food from the booths and watch television to playing corn hole on the patio. I sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we are presented... Read More

Helton Brewing

April 8th, 2018

Helton Brewing looks more like a greenhouse with plants in front of bay windows at the entrance than a brewery. There is a large garage door that is open to a room with pool tables and shuffleboard.  The main door leads into the bar area. It was incredibly packed. I felt like I crashed a party as everyone was wearing business casual clothes and conversing in groups for a charity event. Music blares over the speakers loud enough for the customers to talk but not drowning out the conversations. The room is dimly lit with the vents exposed for an industrial feel. The tables were scattered with... Read More

Freak’n Brewing

April 1st, 2018

Freak’n Brewing is a small brewery located off the Loop 101 and Olive in the Olive Business Park. It is tucked in the back of an industrial building that is easy to drive by like I did. The taproom is small with high top three tables and a bar top.  The friendly ladies behind the bar were working their way through the line to make sure everyone was served. I ordered a flight, as that seems to be the best route to go when going to a new brewery allowing me to have a chance to sample all of the beers the brewery has to offer. The flight I ordered was of 8, which serves all of the beers they currently... Read More

San Tan Brewing- Uptown Phoenix

March 25th, 2018

One of the staples of craft beer in Phoenix, San Tan Brewing, opened a second location this month in Phoenix, on 16th Street and Bethany Home Road. I had to check out this location, as San Tan is one of my favorite breweries that we have in Phoenix. It has played a critical role in the craft beer explosion in our state.  They do not brew beer at this location currently but they do serve their beer that has been brewed at their original location in Chandler. This location is a stand-alone building, due to the beautiful weather, had all of their windows open giving the feeling that you are sitting... Read More